Gabriel Orozco Indigo Bandana

Gabriel Orozco
Indigo Bandana

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Sukumo is a Japanese traditional indigo dye made by fermenting indigo leaves. BUAISOU grows indigo plants in summer, ferments their leaves in winter, and by the beginning of March the year's batch of sukumo is completed. The process of creating sukumo can be compared to winemaking. It has been a tradition for hundreds of years in Tokushima, Japan. 

Using self-made sukumo, BUAISOU creates a vat following an ancient recipe called Jigokudate. The vat consists of sukumo, ash lye, calcium hydroxide and wheat bran. BUAISOU avoids chemicals which are often used in semi-natural processes-such as caustic soda or hydrosaulfite- with our completely natural indigo-dyed products. Our vat can be sprinkled back onto the farm soil after the vat is exhausted. 

The best care for a sukumo indigo item is regular use and wash. The more often you use and wash the product the clearer and more luminous the blue color becomes. You may wash it with other garments, including white ones. Indigo color is much less likely to migrate compared to synthetic or other semi-natural indigo. Do not use bleach. Avoid direct sunlight, keep it in a dark place when it is no in use. If any parts turn brownish, leave the garment in warm water overnight. BUAISOU offers re-dyeing service from a single garment. 

100% cotton bandana, sukumo indigo dye
Hand-dyed, hand-printed by BUAISOU, Japan
35.4 x 35.4 in. (90 x 90 cm)
Unnumbered limited edition
Variations in light, medium, dark

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