• Cristina Iglesias: Hondalea

    Cristina Iglesias


    Cristina Iglesias – Hondalea documents a remarkable work realized by one of the world’s leading sculptors in the city where she was born.
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    Nan Goldin: Benefit Edition

    Nan Goldin

    Benefit Edition

    To accompany the theatrical release of All the Beauty and the Bloodshed, Nan Goldin is releasing a special limited edition print, for sale in collaboration with Marian Goodman Gallery.
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  • Dara Birnbaum: Reaction

    Dara Birnbaum


    This book will examine key works to explore how they have illuminated media and culture at their moment of making and how they continue to inform present critical thinking around “watching” technology, culture, and the dynamics of popular culture.
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  • Matt Saunders: Poems of Our Climate

    Matt Saunders

    Poems of Our Climate

    Drawing on avant-garde cinema and found photographs, Saunders’s multimedia works explore the mobility and affective power of images.
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  • Tavares Strachan: In Plain Sight

    Tavares Strachan

    In Plain Sight

    Tavares Strachan: In Plain Sight is the first major book on the artist to be published since 2014. Focusing on his extraordinary exhibition at Marian Goodman Gallery London in 2020, this hardcover book features a lenticular print on the cover and over 120 full color images. The book includes a new and insightful text by esteemed writer and art critic Adrian Searle.
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  • Francesca Woodman: Alternate Stories

    Francesca Woodman

    Alternate Stories

    Francesca Woodman: Alternate Stories presents over forty vintage photographs by the pioneering American photographer, many of which have never before been seen.
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  • Lothar Baumgarten: America Señores Naturales

    Lothar Baumgarten

    America Señores Naturales

    America Señores Naturales retraces the history of one of Lothar Baumgarten’s most famous site-specific interventions from 1984, Señores Naturales, and uses it as a point of departure to explore some of the key concepts that have shaped his oeuvre.
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  • Nairy Baghramian: Side Leaps

    Nairy Baghramian

    Side Leaps

    This new volume features numerous illustrations released exclusively from the artist’s archives, as well as a panoramic essay on Baghramian’s sculptural practice by art historian and curator Miwon Kwon, and a new conversation between the artist, Marian Goodman and Philipp Kaiser, Chief Executive Director of Artists & Programs at the gallery.
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