John Baldessari Noses & Ears, Etc. (Part Two)

John Baldessari
Noses & Ears, Etc. (Part Two)

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Simultaneously both photography and painting, John Baldessari’s Noses & Ears, Etc. (Part Two) series continues his exploration into the balance between these two medias. In his essay, Masking the Face – Facing the Mask, Rainer Fuchs underlines Baldessari’s constant questioning of the medium of painting, from his iconic Cremation Project (1970) to this new three-dimensional series featured in this catalogue. Emerging from colored backgrounds, various body parts and fragments of photographs play with the viewer’s perception and leave the door open for us to make our own interpretations. 

Published by Marian Goodman Gallery, New York
63 pages
ISBN 0-944219-09-8

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