Luciano Fabro 100 disegni

Luciano Fabro
100 disegni

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Luciano Fabro (born 1936 in Turin, died 2007 in Milan) used simple materials from everyday life in his sculptural works as well as valuable classical material such as marble, bronze or Murano glass. Some of the pieces from the workgroup that consists of the geographical contours of his native land he converted into gold-plated brass and bronze or combined Murano glass with precious silk fabric, as in the large installation Piedi, 1971. In the same way he understood how to join a simple sheet of paper, a copper pole or a twine of ivy into delicate, poignant forms and make of them a new vocabulary. In the formal diversity of his work, drawings assumed a special status. They were for Fabro, as for other artists of his generation, a significant conceptual tool. However, he didn’t sell his drawings but gave them away, so that the examples shown in this book have been closed to the public till now. Those from the estate of Johannes Gachnang, a close friend of Fabro’s, as well as the drawings derived from the artist’s family holdings show an astonishing complexity in which the thoughtful, but also poetic and humorous nature of Fabro finds expression.

Dieter Schwarz
Publisher by Richter/Fey Verlag, Düsseldorf, 2013
152 pages
ISBN: 9783941263536
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