Dan Graham / Peter Fischli Lyrics and Meanings

Dan Graham / Peter Fischli
Lyrics and Meanings

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This printed document contains all the lyrics and possible meanings for all of the songs on Dan Graham's Greatest Hits CDs, Volumes 1-21, in chronological order. The meanings were randomly selected and found on various internet sites. 

Signed by Peter Fischli
Limited edition of 200
Includes the announcement poster for the exhibition Dan Graham: Is There Life After Breakfast? curated by Peter Fischli, Marian Goodman Gallery, New York, 15 March - 29 April 2023

The exhibition showcased a variety of works from over three decades, highlighting Graham’s groundbreaking endeavors in sculpture and video installation, connecting his friendships with his contemporaries, and focusing on his passion for music and film.

''I always speculated why he selected a song—the so-called meaning of the song and what that meaning meant to Dan. The contradiction of the vernacular and the distinctive, or the ridiculous and the sublime, was well balanced in the playlist of each CD.'' - Peter Fischli

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