Maurizio Cattelan The Three Qattelan

Maurizio Cattelan
The Three Qattelan

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Maurizio Cattelan unveils the eagerly anticipated sequel to his debut publication with Three Star Books. Titled "Three Qattelan," this book continues the narrative of his ongoing autobiographic series, following the path set by "Die / Die more / Die better / Die again" (2007). Demonstrating his creative mastery, Cattelan assumes complete responsibility for the editing and design of the volume, handpicking his longtime collaborator, Francesco Bonami, to serve as the interpretant for this remarkable endeavor.

Comprising forty-nine pages of handwritten text and captivating illustrations, the manuscript is meticulously printed using offset techniques on the finest Swedish papers. Its essence resides in the exploration of transforming books into genuine artworks. By incorporating illustrations and removing calligraphy, Cattelan deliberately distances himself from the realm of objective documentary photography and its assertions of truth. Instead, the book presents forty-nine plates meticulously painted by a talented Chinese illustrator, offering authentic visual representations rather than mere reproductions.

The printing process of this book adheres to superior standards established by Fälth & Hässler, renowned Swedish printers located in the region associated with the esteemed Munken paper. Notably, each plate has been printed on one side only, meticulously realizing the artist's original design. Cattelan's autobiography transcends the boundaries of conventional storytelling, showcasing his extraordinary ability to wield influence over economic, critical, and public media attention on a grand scale. From commanding the attention of multitudes to meticulously orchestrating the precise placement of pictures and punctuation on the printed page, Cattelan's masterful control is evident throughout this captivating work.

The Three Qattelan, 2010
12 3/4 x 17 in. (32.5 x 43.2 cm)
Portfolio of 49 sheets
Printed recto only, 5 color offset
Edition of 1000
Published by Three Star Books

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