• John Baldessari Catalogue Raisonne: Volume Three: 1987-1993

    John Baldessari Catalogue Raisonne

    Volume Three: 1987-1993

    The third volume in the project compiles 400-plus unique works of art made by Baldessari from 1987 through 1993.
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  • Sabine Moritz: Storm

    Sabine Moritz


    The first volume of this beautifully designed two-part publication presents Moritz' newest series, Storm, arising from a longing for nature. The second volume, Dawn, contains new pictures and drawings in which apparently unrelated motives such as lab rooms, ships and dogs are combined with the artists first, abstract works.
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  • Gabriel Orozco: Rotating Objects

    Gabriel Orozco

    Rotating Objects

    Rotating Objects documents the first major body of work Gabriel Orozco created after taking up residence in Tokyo, Japan in 2015. The book includes an essay by art historian, critic and curator, Briony Fer.
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    Gabriel Orozco: Indigo Bandana

    Gabriel Orozco

    Indigo Bandana

    Sukumo is a Japanese traditional indigo dye made by fermenting indigo leaves. BUAISOU grows indigo plants in summer, ferments their leaves in winter, and by the beginning of March the year's batch of sukumo is completed.
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