• Freeing the Line

    Freeing the Line

    This publication accompanied the show of the same name exhibited at Marian Goodman Gallery in 2006 and curated by Catherine de Zegher. The exhibition considered the departure of the line from the paper surface and its venture into space, and juxtaposed drawings made without paper (as Gego titled them) and instead with wire and thread by artists in the late sixties and early seventies with contemporary drawings.
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  • John Baldessari: Noses & Ears, Etc. (Part Two)

    John Baldessari

    Noses & Ears, Etc. (Part Two)

    Simultaneously both photography and painting, John Baldessari’s Noses & Ears, Etc. (Part Two) series continues his exploration into the balance between these two medias.
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  • Juan Muñoz

    Juan Muñoz

    Alongside numerous plates, this catalogue focuses on one of the artist's last works, the monumental steel sculpture Derailment (2001). Also included in the catalogue, Michael Brenson’s essay discusses how Muñoz systematically favored a logic of contrast.
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